The history of LOS BRAVOS
  • One more time LOS BRAVOS are back.
    Almost twenty years after their last comeback in 1986 when they celebrated their twentieth anniversary.
  • This band which revolutionized the pop-rock scene in Spain like no other group and which performed in the most important places, TV-shows and radio stations all over the world, which was on top of the international hitparades, this band which wrote history is back.

    - Between 1966 and 1968, they had one success after the other with songs like „No sé mi nombre“, “Black is Black“, “La moto“, “Bring a little lovin“; and they made some very successful movies like "Los chicos con las chicas", "Dame un poco de amooor" and "Los locos bravos". These successful years however where accompanied by some tragic episodes like the impressive suicide of Manolo Fernández in the spring of 1968 as well as the leaving of Mike in order to start a solo career as Mike Kennedy.

    - The time between 1969 and 1971 the band went through several changes with different singers like Bob Wright, with which they had a great success with the song “People talking around“, and afterwards with singer Anthony Anderson who was also in the short movies they made with Los Bravos like “Amor y Simpatía“ and “ Los Bravos cantan..“

    - During 1971 and 1974 the band went through several changes, when Toni Martínez became band leader. He was one of the founder members of the group.

    - During 1975 and 1976 Mike joined the group again. Mike. After their reunion they had a hit with “Never, never, never“.

    - Now after so many years of experience, the three original members of Los Bravos are ready to go back on stage.

  • Pablo Sanllehí who keeps his promis of 1971, when he said that the only group for which he would be prepared to go back on stage would be Los Bravos.

  • Miguel Vicens attesting his unfulfilled illusions by expressions like "late youth", while he is vigorously hoisting his bass.

  • Mike Kogel, or Kennedy if you prefer, quoting from time to time the title of his last record; Mucho más que música (Much more than music) as if he wanted to lead us to the roots from which Los Bravos came.

    Yes, in 2004 Los Bravos are back on the music scene prepared to show us what they were like and what they still are, like when it comes to perform live.

    They already prooved that they are still capable of thrill the audience with their music. For example in Cuba at Compay Segundo's last aniversary, as well as in Ibiza, Galicia and Mallorca.

    The people who were at one of their recent concerts say that they sound "real", that they have this kind of magic only very few groups are gifted with. There still is something special and unique in this group, something that made them stand out from the rest of many other bands and which made them one of the most successful bands in the world.

    And we have now the pleasure of listening once again to this unique mixture of energy and surprise for which they were known for.

    LOS BRAVOS are back!

    by Guzmán Alonso Moreno. march 2004